Merry Christmas

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HI GUYS!!!!!

hi guys Survivalcraft gang Blog has come back with the survivalcraft communion let’s make it stronger than ever 1.28 and 2016 we are in for a treat.

New profile pic

As u can see my profile picture is of a building in the shape ofthe survival craft symbol…  But now I have changed it so I am updating it. 😃😃😏⚡⚡

MEGA CITIDEL II nearing release

This is a world 3 years in making…..2 years ago it ranked 12 in the world.i am now hoping to beat that. Plz support me  by downloading  my world,  I will post the link in a later post… Thanks😝👍Survivalcraft 2015-12-13 19-43-35-

We’re back!!!!!

Survivalcraft 2015-12-13 17-41-54-We long thought survival craft was done…..until recently when kaalus has started posting again!!!!  At the moment we are also looking for new people to help post on this web…. If u are interested leave a comment bellow!

Merry christmas survivalcrafters

Survivalcraft 2014-12-24 09-50-31-I hope you all have a very merry Christmas

From Bluestripe

Happy Birthday Survivalcraft!

Space Titan Studios Dev

I believe November 11, 2011 Survivalcraft was published on Google Play for the first time! I decided to build a giant birthday cake (with a chocolate chip cookie :P) in Kaalus City! Keep up the good work Kaalus.

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By the time you are reading this, you will have realized that the blog has changed its name to “Space Titan Studios”. I think the name of the game “Space Titans” sounds retro he-he! 😛

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Has anyone got kaalus’ s email if you have it can you give it to me thx bluestripe

The survival craft hunger games


This is my hunger games world. I am going to make it into an adventure map. Your 22 opponents will be were wolves. And your district partner…a cow. It will be on static so you won’t get them mixed up with other animals. There will be a border to. I will try to update you on this world some day.

Waterfall of of awsomenes

This my water fall


I have just started making a clash of clans world

This is only 20 minutes worth but its a start.


competition is ending 25th of august winner announced 1st september

hey guys i would like to say that david the great gamer is going to get author if tom345 ever gets round to it lol (he never does)

please enter the cruel mode competition free author on this blog for winner and early link to first two now ok oh yeah and if you enter you get a free survivalcraft gang enter card thats it pretty well


cruel mode competition longer!

We are sad to sad  to say nobody won as too lack of entries so it has been postponed to June  the thirteenth winner will be author to this blog top 5 release early updates of entries so far count 0 if we have missed you www are truly sorry  please take your time to enter

brand new opening for death of medusa

as some of you may know i am the leader of a small YouTube channel named death of medusa well here is a brand new opening for my lets plays here it is:

be sure to subscribe

by the way my skin is a wizard and i drew it


Cruel mode competition

we are happy to announce that there is a competition starting today it is cruel mode so you may want to back it up because we are not accepting any death worlds or pictures it will be scored on items, looks and location of the house. it must contain a sleepable place and some tools bonus points given for: if you have something fun, if you kill anything good you can claim added points however you will need to have pictures to back it up. it must be entered as a dropbox link post the link to the comments on this post. we only accept the world link NO PICTURES ALOUD!!!!!! entries must be in by the eleventh of june competition final winner will be posted on the fifteenth of june. prize is author to this blog however if spamming you will be blocked forever on this site. please take your time to enter.

bluestripe and tom345